Aarron Messer - Who Am I?

Many people may find it odd, but one of my biggest passions in life in the world is income taxes.  The other (that people will not find odd) is spending time with my three wonderful kids.  I grew up on our family farm south of St. Louis, in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri.  My kids and I still live within one half mile from that farm and I am thrilled to have them experience a similar childhood to mine.  My educational background is more unique than some.  Side by side, my brother and I were homeschooled by my parents through high school.

My family has been active in ministry and politics all my life, making life quite an adventure.  While others refrain from speaking about religion and politics, I am very accustomed to these discussions.  I have been involved in our state's capital by representing pro-family values in front of our elected officials and in running the family farm all my life.  After high school, I attended Calvary Bible College in Kansas City where I pursued foreign missions and started my family.

I am an ordained minister and served for five years at a local church in De Soto, Missouri, where I led campus ministry programming for Jefferson College in Hillsboro, Missouri.  My other interests include dabbling in community theater, teaching, and enjoying the blue skies with my pilot’s license on nice clear days. 

For ten years, I was the general manager for a financial firm overseeing the operations and personnel in 20 tax preparation offices in the greater St. Louis area.  I have personally prepared over 4,000 income tax returns and reviewed many, many more.  I joined Ricken Financial several years ago and truly enjoy our family-focused approach to assist our clients.    

My income tax expertise has grown through years of study, education, and practical experience.  As an Enrolled Agent and Registered Tax Return Preparer, I represent those facing audit, dealing with unresolved tax notices, levies, and delinquencies. 

I am the quintessential tax guy and I cannot wait for income tax season each year.  My favorite part of tax season is interacting with clients and discussing their unique situations.  Rest assured, I love my career in tax preparation, planning, representation, and counseling. 

I enjoy assisting clients in any way possible to wade through, understand, and simplify the specific nuances of the United States tax code.  I will be preparing tax returns for the remainder of my working life and am thrilled to hold the title of your tax guy.

I look forward to working with our clients in providing quality, personalized tax services.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions by calling me at 314.442.6476 or simply send me an email at aarron@rickenfinancial.com.